Our UK Underfloor heating consultants are highly experienced professionals when it comes to supplying all types of under floor heating systems. Our sales teams and after care customer service teams are well versed in converting clients needs into high quality cost effective solutions.

Designing under floor heating systems is a very specialised role and for that reason we select our design teams from expert tradesmen. When you engage with us one of the things that will stand out is the fact that our design teams are highly trained in both conventional plumbing and heating systems.

Because of this expert knowledge and the solid plumbing and heating background our team possess they will know what is needed for your project to make it work perfectly whatever the heat source.

The highlights of these highly efficient under floor heating systems are:

• Efficient Room-by-room temperature control.

• Clean warm heating systems throughout (no unsightly radiators)

• lower installation cost than a tradition radiator system. 

• lower fuel bills and comfortable warm floors all year round.

So Just How Does It All Work?.

Just take a journey with us and experience the new efficient energy systems in action, low energy costs and nice warm heating under your feet.

When you work with UK Underfloor Heating, we will take you the client through all aspects of how the system works so that you will be able to identify all of the key components. This will ensure your underfloor heating costs for installation are kept under control and that you don’t end up purchasing products you quite simply don’t need.

At UK Underfloor Heating we make all of the technical information available in terms of how the product functions. This means that you are not lured into purchasing multiple products that are not required for your installation to function correctly. Again this ensures that your underfloor heating cost is manageable and you are not being saddled with items that are not required.

Our excellent customer service ensures that all of the technical data is made available completely free of charge, before you the client has made a commitment to using our product. That way we can be sure you can take your time to look at all of the technicalities in the comfort of your own home without being hassled by sales calls. We believe this will allow you to make the correct choice based on the comparisons presented in our technical literature.

If you are underfloor installer and have skills in plumbing and/or heating, maybe we can include you in our UK wide list of installers. Please  CONTACT US to be included in this list.

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Water Underfloor Heating
Single Zone Room Kits

Amazing underfloor heating packs, when you purchase our kits you will find our prices are extremely competitive from £395 +VAT.

All kits come complete with everything you need to install and fit them very easily and can be used for any house extension or exterior conservatory. Our prices are very competitive and you will find using our team to gain their insight will ensure you are able to control the underfloor heating cost.

See Packs & Prices



Conservatory Underfloor Heating Systems

Warm water underfloor heating systems are ideal for installation into any part of the building that may me suffering from cold floors or where they are a little cold generally. The main reason they are so popular in these situations is that the design of these systems ensures that the heat rises from the floor up as opposed to heat from a radiator that is designed to heat the area at an higher point, often losing heat through the roof etc.

Domestic Kitchen Underfloor Heating Systems

Often it is found that trying to heat a kitchen is problematic because of the lack of radiator wall space and trying to heat this area via fan assisted systems can be very costly. Underfloor heating offers a great deal of value and performance in these situations since they are installed with a thermostat that is not linked to the rest of the heating system which means that when other appliances in the kitchen have heated the area, like the oven/hob, the underfloor heating may turn off via the underfloor heating thermostat. Using this system can cut costs and ensure that the area is heated very efficiently.

Bathroom Under Floor Heating Systems

When you are heating your bathroom, there are of course many options and it can be quite a confusing problem. Since the room may heat very quickly from the hot bathtub or the shower equipment. However this can lure you into a false sense of warmth and when you step out of the bath or shower you that although the room feels warm the warm air has risen leaving the floor quite cold.

To assist this problem UK Underfloor Heating now offer small DIY kits designed specifically for use in bathroom type applications. These kits come with sensors designed to monitor the temperature of the floor to ensure it stays warm when the bathtub and show heat the air higher up.

Please fell free to Contact our Customer Care Team for more information on how these systems can work for you.

Under Floor Heating Systems Ideal For Cellar Conversions

Another great application for underfloor heating systems is cellar conversions. Often these spaces are cold and when refitting them often concrete floors are laid. The underfloor heating can easily be installed when the floor is being fitted; this elevates the need to drill walls to fit radiators etc which can risk the likelihood of drilling through sealed membranes.

For information and pricing see Underfloor Heating Packs & Prices


UK Underfloor Price Match Promise

Here at UK Underfloor Heating we definitely take pride in offering the most comprehensive service available here in the UK. Our teams have demonstrated consistently that we deliver the best price and quality and we will not be beaten on either.

If you believe You can purchase our services and/or equipment cheaper, please talk to us and we will ensure we assist you in doing a full like for like check and where we are found to be more expensive we will correct this as a matter of urgency.

For more information on this, or anything on the subject of underfloor heating cost please call us on Freephone 0800 2321501.

5 Easy Steps to Installing Warm Water Underfloor Heating

For ease of installation and to help our clients who want to manage the installation process themselves. We have added a 5 step system to assist, and this is excellent for anyone who wishes to install underfloor heating in a single room. For more information please follow the 5 EASY STEPS To Installation.

Please be aware however the plumbing and electrical installation should be carried out by skilled tradesmen.

Organising & Planning your installation

We have made available as much of the technical information about how underfloor heating systems work and indeed how they should be installed. Our extensive experience in the building and heating trade has taught us that each installation is very different from the next. So in order to assist you further please see our TECHNICAL Information Help section for more information or call us on 0800 2321501.

UK Underfloor Heating Quick Quote

If the installation you are planning is a large one or you are looking at the possibility of heating more than one room. Or if you already have a quote and you would like us to match it or even beat this price, then please contact us and we will endeavour to get you a quote processed very quickly.

In this event please use the following link to contact us QUICK QUOTE.

Renovation, New Houses & Commercial Heating Projects

The underfloor heating packs we stock cover 20 square and 60 square metre areas. If the area you are looking to cover is larger than this or you are looking for separate heating controls for different rooms then please visit our Multi Zone area for more information on these types of installations.

Underfloor Heating Technical Help

When you approach underfloor heating projects for the first time, they can definitely seem a little technical at first. If you need any technical help or advice about anything to do with the design or installation of this technology please do not hesitate to call our technical help line on Freephone 0800 2321501

 Our Delivery Services

For information about the range of underfloor we stock please do not hesitate to call us on Freephone 0800 2321501 or follow our Google+ page for updates. For general guidelines we extensively stock items like heating pipe and accessories. For these and other items we have in stock if you order before 12 o clock weekdays, we can normally deliver the items for you next day.

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