5 easy steps to installing underfloor heating in a single room.


1.    Screw the Underfloor Heating Manifold to the wall.

Fit the pre-assembled underfloor heating manifold to the wall.
Click here to view Pre-Assembled Manifold

2.    Lay the Underfloor Heating Fixing Rail.

Lay the underfloor heating fixing rail down on to the floor insulation using insulation clips provided.
Click here to view a Typical Fixing Rail Layout

3.  Lay the Easy to use Alpert Underfloor Heating Pipe.

Connect UFH pipe to the manifold. Lay pipe into fixing rail using the insulation clips between fixing rails and on the ends of the pipe runs until you have laid underfloor heating pipe to half the room. Repeat for the other half. (Try to have two equal lengths if possible)
Click here to view the Easy to use Alpert Pipe

4.  Fill your Underfloor Heating Pipe Work.

Connect a hosepipe to the drain cocks on the manifold and fill with water.
Click here to view Pre-Assembled Manifold 
5.  Connect your Manifold to the Boiler

Connect flow and return pipe work and wire up the wiring centre & Actuators (multi zone). Zone valve (single zone) and pump by following these drawings. Working Underfloor Heating
Click here to view Plumbing & Wiring Drawings  
See the underfloor heating pack instructions.

Down load a PDF version to PRINT of these instructions. The file is 1,218 KB.

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